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Pay Per Lead

Put A Never Ending Source Of Leads That Can Help You Grow Your Business So It Delivers The Financial Freedom You So Desperately Seek To Work For You!

Why do you need a source of leads online? Well, what is the number one business killer of all time? What’s your biggest threat? What puts more companies underground each year than any other cause?

Lack of customers!

Whether you run a service or product oriented company, getting more business leads - more customers lining up to pay you - is critical to making money and achieving your goals.

The more sales leads you have for your business, the more choosey you can be and the more you can dictate the terms and price of the relationship. When you have more business heading your way, you can call the shots on how you want your business to grow.


Online Leads Are Highly Qualified And Targeted!

What if there was a way to have a stream of people looking for you, your company and the products and services you provide? What if this flow of potential customers was steady, low cost, focused on what you do best and you only had to pay per lead?

Hi, My name is Lane Kovnat of Pay Per Lead and we provide you that stream!

We have been generating leads since 1989. We first did it for my business but we actually enjoyed it so much I sold that business and went into lead generation full time.

We used to do it the old way, by telemarketing. But with the advent of the internet's power and popularity, now we do it in this much more effective way. The beauty of online lead generation is that it produces much more qualified leads. Why?

With leads generated by telemarketing you take the initiative to contact the prospect and either they are interested or you try to sell them on your service or product. Some will accept an appointment with a salesman out of emotion or impulse and not really be interested.

You see, with online lead generation the leads come from people that were interested enough to actually take the initiative themselves to go onto the internet and search for what they want or need! Huge difference! It just stands to reason that someone that searched is much more likely to buy than someone that was talked into being a prospect. People that take the initiative to search online are hungry to buy what they are searching for!

Our online lead generation service finds your prospective customers in your chosen area or market who are looking for what your company provides and sends you their contact information for you or your sales staff to get in touch with directly and immediately. (Before the competition ever hears of them!) These motivated, internet conscious customers want what you have, want it now and are willing to pay for it.

The general public is becoming more knowledgeable about how to use search engines to find even local companies they might want to do business with. They want a fast way to request information, a quote, a sales call or to buy what they want.

Pay Per Lead transfers the leads immediately allowing you to respond quickly while they are still seeking, not when it’s too late and the competition is already talking to them.

You pay only an affordable, fixed fee per lead, much more cost effective than general advertising that may or may not bring customers to your door. You can control the budget and change it at any time to suit your needs. 

We harness the power of the search engines to bring traffic to your door, without a long term commitment from you.  You can benefit from the superb traffic getting techniques used to get you high rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).

Beyond that you will get a custom, literally money-raking website, tailored to your company, for free. Wait, don't run away because this sounds like hype. It's 100% true and I'll tell you why. One of the greatest complaints people have about their websites is no one can find it (except those they show it to) and it doesn't make them any money. That is the exact opposite of how it should be.

Many factors go into to designing a website (I'm talking about an effective one that goes way beyond just looking pretty but produces nothing.) that will put you light-years ahead of the pack towards actually making money. I think you'll be amazed to find out what they are.


A Custom Website For Free - Why?

First I want to say that building a custom website, tailored to your company, is no small undertaking. It usually takes our designers, copywriters, artists and technical guys 4-5 days to do this setup. How can we offer it to you for free?

Well, we want to offer you a bribe, an ethical bribe, to try our services. We are so confident you'll be thrilled with our pay per lead service; that the leads we generate for you will help you build your business, that you'll be a client for a very long time and we'll get back our time investment. But as I said above much, much goes into producing a website that will make you money.

Yes, the key is in the custom built website.

Again, the websites we build are designed to make you money not just look pretty. There are many websites out there that look real good but aren't making their owners any money at all. You've seen them for yourself I bet. Maybe you even have one that cost you a lot of money. 

The problem is, almost invariably, that web designers and developers are artists and programmers but know nothing - I repeat NOTHING - about marketing. A web designer or developer is as ill equipped to make a website fit to market your company as a plastic surgeon is to perform heart surgery.

You see, the design, layout and copywriting of the website is vital to immediately, simply and in clear terms, let your prospect know exactly what you can do for them.

In other words, in no uncertain terms, see how THEY benefit from what you offer! This is very different from bragging about what you do. It's the old adage that people want to know what's in it for them. And those that search the internet want to know that QUICKLY!

Lead generation has actually become a science. A clear headline and a few select bullet points that quickly summarize the main benefits your customers will enjoy using your product or service has been proven to be the most effective way to generate leads for any business.

Let me first explain how most websites fail. It's been tested and proven that people make a decision in a few seconds as to whether a website will be useful to them. Have you ever been to a website that opened so slowly you clicked away before it opened? Sure, it may have been pretty or played nice music but you didn't want to wait for it to open - so you never even saw the company's offer or if they could fill you needs. Or have you ever been on a site where the print was so small it was hard to read or it was too hard to figure out whether that company provided what you were looking for and needed?

If you are like me, these things have happened to you repeatedly, maybe hundreds of times. What did you do? You just clicked away and simply went to the next website because it's so easy to do that. "Easy come, easy go" has never been more applicable than to a website visitor!

I'll give you a little hint as to another reason why you, and everyone else, does this so many times. In part, it's because the website wasn't easy to use, didn't solve your problem or clearly provide what you wanted, but there is another very important factor involved.

Almost invariably, when you click on a website to open it your eyes automatically go to the description of the next site down on Google's (Yahoo's or MSN's) search results page. (If you pay attention to your internet searching behavior you'll see this is true.) That means the last thing on your prospect's mind when they get to your site is what your competitor said about their site in their ad on Google's search results page.

If your site doesn't grab their attention and literally suck them in they'll click away in a heartbeat and go right to that next site. That is especially true if the description of the next website down offered appealed to them.

Your custom website, built for you, will be designed in a very user friendly way. It will open quickly, clearly let them know that you can provide what they need or want and how. It will also make crystal clear what action they need to take to reap the benefits of your service or product. This is still only part of how a website pulls in money for you! There is still another vital factor involved!


A Website Should Induce Your Prospects To Want What You Offer And To Know Like And Trust You So They Are Pre-sold On Doing Business With You!

There are two more vital functions your website must serve beyond making clear what you do or offer. To be truly effective, it must build the desire to do business with you and it should also make people bond with you, feel like they know you; even make them like and trust you.

First, your website must truthfully help your prospect believe that you can do what they need you to;(lying won't get you a long-term customer or one that refers business to you) get them the end result they want. That way they begin to taste the results before they even hire you or buy from you.

That in itself builds and intensifies their desire to do business with you because they see clearly that you are a vital piece of the puzzle in helping them attain their financial goals and freedom. They are pre-sold on doing business with you from jump street!

As important as this is, the second factor is just as important. Your website must make people like you and trust you. It is a well known and proven fact that people prefer to do business with people they like and trust. It only makes sense. So your website will be written to do just that. In an informal, friendly but professional manner you will introduce yourself to your prospects, give them a little background about you so they actually get to know, like and trust you.

These two factors, the building of desire for your service or product and helping them bond with you will make them predisposed to buy from you. They will be pre-sold before they ever contact you. This is even more important if you expect them to buy directly from the website. People will definitely much more readily do business with people they know, like and trust! Isn't that true of you?

To my knowledge, no other lead generation company goes to these lengths to make sure you benefit from the leads. This makes the leads you buy from us far more valuable since the prospect is already ready to buy from you due to your website!

I know, now you're probably thinking these leads must be very expensive, but they're not. If you compare us to a company that sells the same leads they sell to you to 3, 4 or more of your competitors at the same time, sure, we'll be more expensive. We aren't getting multiple fees for every lead, but also, you aren't getting 'built in competition' to kill your closing ratio either!

If you compare us though to any other company that sellsexclusive leads, we'll be in the same price range or maybe even cheaper. But again, the leads you buy from us will be of much greater value because they will, in many cases, be pre-sold on doing business with your company. Doesn't this make sense?

If you've gotten this far on this website I'd say we've probably done a pretty good job of capturing your attention and you probably believe me when I say we can make you a website that will do the same for your prospect and help them bond with you so they want to do business with you. So why not give me a call or fill out the box above and I'll contact you.

If you think you might be interested in doing business with us, but aren't sure yet, at least fill out the form above while you're here because otherwise you may never find this web site again. You know how that happens.

If you do, we'll contact you but we won't pressure you at all. If you have any questions we can answer them and it needn't take a lot of time.

We know many people are afraid to give out a lot of contact information online so we only require your email address but for us to setup a custom website for you we need to understand your business well, so we'll really need to talk to you. So please, put in your name and phone number too. We'll never sell, rent or give it out to anyone.

I look forward to talking with you.

To Your Success,

Lane Kovnat

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